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Most frequent questions and answers
Federal and state government-facilitated schemes incentivise the transition to particular energy-saving products and technologies. Thanks to these incentives, we can offer the product and installation at little to no cost, depending which state you are in.
An A-grade electrician or qualified installer will visit your premises to install the heating and cooling system. All our installers carry a company ID to ensure you are dealing with a legitimate Victorian Water Heater Program Representivate
It depends on the nature of your hot water usage. Electric storage work at night whereas heat pumps work all throughout the day. Once water reaches a certain level in the tank, the sensor will trigger and automatically start refilling the tank and heating the water at the same time. The tank will take 1-3 hours to refill and heat the water. In this example if you allow enough time in between showers then it should be fine because the sensor being triggered will refill the tank while in use.
  1. Following your initial enquiry we’ll ask you to complete a more comprehensive form that tells us about your usage and allows us to better understand the scheme you qualify for.
  2. You’ll book a time to chat with one of our Energy Efficiency Consultants to answer any questions you have and finalise the upgrade estimate.
  3. If you choose to proceed we’ll take the deposit payment (only for those with costs associated) and send you a link to a form to upload photos of your existing hot water system and the areas around it.
  4. Once there’s an opening in your area the installer will call or text you. This generally takes around 4-6 weeks from the time you make payment and provide the photos.
The heat pumps are designed to work in a wide range of temperatures to suit the Australian climate, with an ambient operating range from -7°C to +40°C.
We ask you to send photos of your switchboard and existing hot water service prior to proceeding to ensure eligibility, and to ensure you have sufficient space to install the replacement unit. The installer is also required to take photos of the installation onsite, and geotagged photos of the decommissioned old unit and installation of the new unit for compliance and verification reasons.
Some properties have naturally higher water pressure, this can result in additional plumbing work being required to ensure the water pressure is suitable for the heat pump to function without issue. In some cases, the installation of Pressure Limiting Valves is required and this usually costs around $150 per PLV. If required you’ll purchase this from the installer directly.
According to the VEU activity guide, in order to comply with the guidelines the heat pump product to be installed must have a minimum annual savings of 60% determined in accordance with Australian/New Zealand standards when modelled in climate zone 4 or 5. The heat pumps we supply have up to 75% saving over electric storage hot water.
To find out why your hot water looks milky, let it run briefly then fill a glass. If the cloudiness dissipates from the bottom upwards within a few minutes, it’s simply due to pressurized air being released. However, if the water clears at the top first and particles settle to the bottom, the water heater needs to be checked.
The expected lifespan is 5-10 years, depending on the water supply quality.
If it is safe to do so, your old hot water system will be removed and recycled. If your tank is in or on the roof, it will be decommissioned and left in place.
Yes. Currently, under the state and federal schemes there aren’t financial incentives available for gas upgrades, however, based on the efficiency of heat pump systems we recommend making the upgrade for up to 50% savings on running costs. Speak with one of our Energy Solutions Specialists for a quote to upgrade your gas system and start saving!
Old, electric storage systems have an element in it that is extremely inefficient and expensive to run which results in greater costs. The heat pump system runs its water heating cycle once a day to fill up the storage tank with hot water. The compressor fan starts heating water when the water temperature falls below 45 degrees celcius, or it needs to be refilled after using hot water.
Bookings are being made in groupings so our installers will be in contact with you as soon as we have enough work in your area. Estimated install time frames are around 4 – 6 weeks, however we do offer emergency upgrades which can be done quicker.

Yes, the Federal and/or State government  subsidies would cover 100% of the upgrade cost (including the supply and installation) if your current system is eligible.
To be eligible for a free residential upgrade; (1) the existing hot water system is an electric storage hot water system (up to 310L size) located outside, (2) being replaced in the same position, (3) the existing electrical switchboard is compliant with the current AS/NZ 3000 standard, and (4) the premises is within the range of one of our company or subcontractor hubs.
To be eligible for a free commercial or business upgrade; (1) the existing hot water system is an electric storage hot water system with a heating output/element of 3.2kW or more, (2) being replaced in the same position or relocated within 5m distance, (3) the existing electrical switchboard is compliant with the current AS/NZ 3000 standard with a dedicated hot water switch, and (4) the premises is within the range of one of our company or subcontractor hubs.
If your current system doesn’t meet all the criteria, you’re still eligible for some government subsidies and we’re more than happy to help you upgrade to the energy-efficient heat pump water heater, but there will be some out-of-pocket costs to cover relocation, freight, disconnections, or electrical and plumbing works.